Updated version 1.2. Mail alert and forecasting data every 12 hours.

We are very happy to announce that we released the next version 1.2 of PrOlor.

In this case we have been working with the fact that prognostic data should be taken into account not only once but twice a day, this way it is possible to improve the forecasting capabilities with a lesser time span. 

Before we implemented this routine, in some cases there was a difference of almost 24 hours between the incident and the meteorological data collected, which adds a greater uncertainty to the prognostic data. Now we have reduced this source of uncertainty by increasing the number of calculations per day with our supercomputer.

But there is another interesting feature in this version. Now it is possible to get e-mail alerts right on your phone. No need to check the app everyday to see if there is going to be an odour incident or not.

Isn't checking everyday in your computer a bit stressful?

This way we are sure you keep on well with your community and you will feel more relaxed, no need to check in your mobile everyday or in your computer screen. This way we let you do what you know best: your work.

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